GBVF Organisational Good Practices

You will find below policies, strategies, tools and other resources that you can use to improve your organisation’s performance on GBVF-related matters. 

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Sample Sexual Harassment Policy (ILO) 

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Code of Good Practice for Handling Sexual Harassment 2018 – South African Government

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ILO C190 at a glance

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HR Policy Manual Template

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Strategies to end school-related gender-based violence: The experience of Education Unions in Africa (Gender at Work, United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative and GAC)

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Pillar 1 Infographic

Pillar 2 Infographic

Pillar 3 Infographic

Pillar 4 Infographic

Pillar 5 Infographic

Pillar 6 Infographic


Diversity toolkit – a guide to discussing identity, power and privilege from the University of South Carolina

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A pocket guide – how to support a survivor of gender-based violence. Provided by

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Pocket guide – available as an interactive mobile application.

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Other Reference Materials

Gender Terminology in South African Official Languages: Commission of Gender Equality




Gender Terminology:  Other key definitions and wording – UNICEF

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Reference list and guidelines on introducing SOGIESC Information into Pre-Departure Orientation Curriculums – UNIOM (UN Migration) 

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