Mobile one-stop GBV services – Tzaneen

Mobile office - one-stop service for all GBVF related services in rural communities

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The team was concerned about the under-reporting of sexual offences against minors in rural and urban areas. The strategy was to encourage victims to break the silence and report cases rather than seeking to resolve them within the family or through traditional structures, which tend toward seeking resolution in favour of the perpetrators.

Insights from the team

  • The initial idea was a venue in rural areas where there would be a weekly  “GBVF Wednesday”, with one place for everyone to go to.
  • Transport for service providers was an obstacle,
  •  The idea of a mobile version of this was attempted towards the end of 100 days.
  • The team involved the Prosecutor, SAPS, and Social Workers in the mobile one-stop-shop
Greater Tzaneen 
 1 April to 9 July 2022

Ambassador – Octavia Ngwenya 

Results achieved

The reporting of rape cases increased by 37% during the 100 days and there was a reduction in withdrawn cases of over 70%.

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