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Maintenance has been identified as a necessary component of any effort to fight GBVF. The Bloemfontein court deals with about 300 cases per month, which is about 15-20 cases per court day.  Because new cases are added every day, the finalisation rate will fluctuate.  The goal was to have each case finalised within 30 days. Before the 100-days, on average, only 51% of the cases were finalised within a month; this finalisation rate was also the reason for the backlog, with some cases being older than 6 months.

Insights from the team

  • A few complex cases were clogging the system. Handling these in a separate queue created system efficiencies.
  • Only add cases that were ready for court to the court roll.
  • Court clerk plays a critical role in system efficiency, they need to be trained and empowered.
  • Initially, there was resistance based on fairness – we cannot jump the queue, etc. but we had to reassure people that the triage would speed up the process for all cases.
Mangaung Metropolitan
Free State
 1 April to 9 July 2022

Ambassador – Adv. Joyce Mokoena 

Results achieved

After 100-Days the team achieved a 74% finalised rate on maintenance cases and backlog was reduced by 82%

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