Safe House for victims and survivors – Tzaneen

Temporary shelter to support increase in reporting of cases

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The team was concerned about the under-reporting of sexual offences against minors in rural and urban areas. The strategy was to encourage victims to break the silence and report cases rather than seeking to resolve them within the family or through traditional structures, which tend toward seeking resolution in favour of the perpetrators.

Insights from the team

  • The team realised that some victims if they are not offered temporary shelter, will have no choice but to withdraw these cases.
  • They worked with places of worship on this and secured 3 temporary safe houses for victims, at least until social workers got involved.
  • The team provided training to hosts so they are better equipped to interact with the severe traumas of the guests.
  • The municipality offered rate relief incentives for hosts of safe houses.
Greater Tzaneen 
 1 April to 9 July 2022

Ambassador – Octavia Ngwenya 

Results achieved

The reporting of rape cases increased by 37% during the 100 days and there was a reduction in withdrawn cases of over 70%.

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