2023 Impact Challenges

10 Municipalities

21 Courts

2 TVET Colleges

Convening Partners

COGTA, SALGA, DHET & Justice sector.




TVET Colleges


Limpopo & Wynberg Courts Results

Limpopo & Boschfontein Courts Results

Municipalities & TVET Colleges Results

Key insights

Bringing together all stakeholders

  • Stakeholder participation, commitment, and collaboration have significantly improved the process.
  • Getting the whole team on board from the beginning was essential.
  • Despite the challenges, implementing a multi-disciplinary team was crucial in the 100-Day Challenges, and it proved successful.
  • Stakeholder meetings have become an integral part of our everyday working, promoting ongoing collaboration.

Use of

  • We were pleasantly surprised by the ease and effectiveness of incorporating technology.
  • Technology has proven to be a time and cost-saving tool.
  • Utilizing gadgets for communication, including calls, WhatsApp, and emails, has become a standard practice.
  • The use of the ICM system is making a significant positive difference in our operations.

Take action

  • Avoiding postponements has become a priority.
  • Trial dates are allocated promptly.
  • Decisions are made on the spot, ensuring swift progress.
  • Emphasis on continuous follow-up is a key part of our approach.
  • Utilizing all available means to communicate with parties is a standard practice.

Aiming for
one goal

  • Having a goal highlighted the need for teamwork to address issues and ensure the smooth functioning of the court.
  • The 100-Day Challenge fostered unity among team members.
  • Working collectively towards a common goal proved to exceed expectations.

Working beyond the
court walls

  • Empowering victims through community outreach initiatives is a central focus.
  • Attorney candidates and pupils actively engage in community service.
  • Extending efforts beyond the court contributes to broader community impact.

Understanding of GBVF dynamics

  • Enhanced understanding of GBVF dynamics and ways to address it
  • Importance placed on dialogues, specifically engaging male students, to address and mitigate causal factors contributing to GBV in our campus environment.


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