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What is Legal Aid South Africa?

The main objective of Legal Aid SA is to make available legal advice and representation to vulnerable persons at state expense as contemplated in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996).

Legal Aid SA champions the right of all persons to access justice through the provision of independent, accessible and quality legal aid services in criminal and civil legal matters.

Legal Aid SA is mandated to help amongst others:

  • All accused persons who face prison sentences and who cannot afford their own lawyer
  • children and women
  • people on grants
  • the elderly
  • mental health care users
  • the disabled

Who is legible to get assistance?

The means test also considers movable (cash and money-related assets) and immovable property. If the total of these assets is sufficiently large to cover the expected legal costs, legal aid will be refused even if the applicant has little or no income.

Those prioritised to get legal aid:

  • People who gets a state grants and the elderly.
  • The vulnerable – children, women and people with disabilities.
  • A person arrested for a serious crime, where the possible jail time would be more than 3 months, and that person cannot afford a lawyer.
  • Asylum seekers applying or intending to apply for asylum.


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Telephone: 0800 110 110

Send a Please Call Me: 079 835 7179

Website: www.legal-aid.co.za

Facebook: @LegalAidSA1

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