Insights from Implementers

You will find below brief case overviews of practices and ideas implemented by 100-Day Challenge teams working on localising the GBVF National Strategic Plan in districts, municipalities and communities.

You can use the Search Categories drop-down menu to zero in on these practices, or you can insert a key word in the general Search button to generate a list of relevant cases. Many of the case overviews will have a link to the full story of the team implementing the practice. And all of them will have contact details of people who can provide additional background on the case

Safe House for victims and survivors – Tzaneen

Cases reported | Safe house | Support services | Greater Tzaneen | Limpopo

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Mobile one-stop GBV services – Tzaneen

Case reporting | Withdrawal rates | Rape | Rural communities | One-Stop Shop | Greater Tzaneen | Limpopo

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Maintenance Cases backlog in Bloemfontein

Finalisation Rate | Maintenance cases | Triage | Reducing case backlog | Bloemfontein

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