100-Day Challenges Impact

The Ford Foundation funded the 100-Day Challenges Capacity Building Programme in End GBVF Collective to accelerate local implementation. At the heart of the programme is the intentional focus and system design to create the enabling conditions for collaboration, innovation and implementation.


If you are interested in organising a 100-Day Challenge to accelerate progress towards ending gender-based violence and femicide in your communities, click on the application button for more information. This application is for entry into the Leadership Management – Development programme that aims to build the capacity of 100-Day Challenge Ambassadors to coordinate and facilitate 100-Day Challenges at a locality. 


100 Day Challenge teams

Over 80 100-Day Challenge multi-sectoral teams in communities across South Africa worked in new ways to end GBVF in our country.


100-Day Challenge teams

Seven 100-Day Challenge multi-sectoral teams have shared and celebrated the impact, discoveries made, and lessons learned on their journey.

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