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Thohoyandou Domestic Violence Court Results – 100 Day Challenge

Thohoyandou Domestic Violence Court: Making strides in case resolution

100 Day Challenge | Thohoyandou | Domestic Violence | Backlog Results

The Thohoyandou Domestic Violence Court has set an ambitious goal to reduce the backlog of domestic violence cases within 100 days. With a starting number of 275 cases, the team is determined to reduce the turnaround time and ensure timely resolution of these cases.

In August, the court managed to finalize 203 cases, with completion times ranging from 7 to 21 days. By adhering to proper serving procedures and aiming to resolve cases within 21 days, the team made significant progress. In September, an additional 269 cases were registered, and the court successfully resolved 309 cases within 16 to 21 days. Thanks to these efforts, the target of reducing the backlog by 100% is well within reach.

One significant change that has contributed to the improved efficiency of the court is the issuance of summons by magistrates. Previously, this was not a common practice, but now individuals can appear in court and have their domestic violence matters addressed promptly. This change has played a crucial role in increasing the court’s capacity to handle cases effectively.

Despite the positive progress, the court has faced challenges due to a shortage of staff, machines, and court rooms. Magistrates have been tasked with resolving domestic violence cases in their courts and the team has shown resilience and dedication, cooperating with each other and holding regular meetings to strategize and improve their methods.

 9 August Р17 November 2023


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