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Thabazimbi use Technology for Sexual Offence backlog – 100 Day Challenge

Technology as a method of best practice for Thabazimbi

100 Day Challenge | Thabazimbi Magistrate Court | Sexual Offence backlog | Technology

Thabazimbi Regional court in South Africa has found a way to more efficiently address the backlog of sexual offense cases in their court processes – through the use of technology

In one specific case, where an 8-year-old complainant was involved, the court used Microsoft Teams to allow the victim to testify. This was necessary due to the non-functioning of the court’s SOS system since March 2023. By leveraging technology, the court was able to simplify the process and prevent further delays.

The impact of using MS Teams as a medium has been significant. The court process has become more efficient and effective, allowing cases to be heard in a more streamlined manner. However, it is important to note that this impact can only be achieved when there are no challenges with the network or power outages. To mitigate this, proper planning and backup plans for electricity should be put in place.

The Thabazimbi Regional court’s use of technology as a method of best practice is a commendable step towards improving the justice system and ensuring timely resolution of sexual offense cases. By embracing technological advancements, courts can overcome obstacles and deliver justice more effectively.

 9 August Р17 November 2023


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