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Polokwane Divorces Virtual – 100 Day Challenge

Technology increases case finalisation and reduces cost

100 Day Challenge | Divorce cases | Polokwane | Technology


The Divorce team in Polokwane is utilising technology to speed up the finalisation of Divorce cases and reduce the backlog. One example is where the presiding officer adjudicated his partly heard divorce hearing in Polokwane virtual from Cape Town.


  • Courtroom technology makes the court process more efficient and can speed up trials by 50%.
  • Evidence can be shared virtually and witnesses can give evidence virtually
  • Presiding officers can deal with cases at any of the courts, regardless of where they physically are by adjudicating cases virtually
  • The advancement of courtroom technology improves access to justice and makes justice more accessible to parties
  • Reduction in travel expenses for parties, court officials and witnesses.


The impact is only possible if technology is working correctly.  This can be mitigated by planning and providing enough budget for back-up systems

 9 August Р17 November 2023


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