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Lephalale Sexual Offence – Moot Court – 100 Day Challenge

Lephalale Regional Court - 100 Day Challenge Team hosts Moot Court for local school

100 Day Challenge | Lephalale Regional Court | Sexual Offence | Moot Court

The Lephalale Regional Court Team recently partnered with Legal Aid, the Court Administration Team, the Magistrate, and Prosecutor to hold a moot court for Hoerskool Ellisras. The event, which took place on September 13, 2023, aimed to educate learners about sexual offences and the minimum sentences associated with each offence. A total of 60 learners from the school attended the event and actively participated in the day’s activities.

One of the main impacts of the event was that scholars had the opportunity to witness how sexual offence cases are conducted and handled within the court. This firsthand experience provided them with a better understanding of the legal process and the consequences offenders face when found guilty of rape. By educating the community, as well as teenagers from Lephalale, the team hopes to reduce the number of rape incidents occurring in the area.

The moot court sparked their interest, and they actively participated in the events and asked many questions. Additionally, the learners left the event with words of encouragement and advice on how to treat women in their community. This not only provided them with valuable knowledge but also empowered them to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Overall, the moot court held by the Lephalale Regional Court Team was a valuable educational experience for the learners of Hoerskool Ellisras. By exposing them to the reality of sexual offences and the legal consequences, the team hopes to create awareness and ultimately reduce the occurrence of such incidents. The scholars’ engagement and interest in the topic indicate that the event was successful in achieving its goals.

 9 August Р17 November 2023


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