GBVF Health Check

Self-improvement tool on organisational readiness to respond to GBVF

Survey Purpose

The purpose of this “GBVF Health Check” survey is to help organisations in the GBVF Collective assess how they are doing when it comes to GBVF-related behaviours, policies, and practices, and to identify actions to improve their performance and their alignment with best practices in the field.

Survey Results

The results of this survey will only be shared with your organisation’s contact person. Results from all participating organisations will be aggregated by municipality, district and province to identify trends and to allow each organisation to compare its results with the aggregated results of its peer organisations.  

Quarterly, we will send you guidance to conduct a similar survey. This will help you track progress on this organisational self-improvement journey.  

Live GBVF Health Check Results

This is a pilot tool under development

Quarter: Q3 - 2024

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Overall GBVF Maturity

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Policies & Practices

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Culture and Behaviours

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Visit the Amplifier toolshed to find tools and resources to help your organisation improve their GBVF maturity level.

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