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Drakenstein Youth – 100 Day Challenge

Drakenstein Municipality are utilising their resources to increase youth participation in sports and recreational activities

100 Day Challenge | Youth | Drakenstein | Sport and Recreational activities


The End GBV team within the Drakenstein area are utilizing their resources and skills to increase the number of youth that participate in positive sports and recreational activities with the purpose of reducing GBV incidences by 500 youth members in 100 days. The Drakenstein team also aims to assist and support community members with completing applications of protection orders.


  • The team was able to identify that GBV should be addressed holistically –  parental skills as well as youth activities.
  • Stakeholders present have the necessary skills and knowledge to assist.
  • Sharing of upcoming programmes within the Paarl-East area with the purpose of reducing GBV incidences. Possible replica of this program in other areas.


  • Poor co-operation from the Department of Justice to be of assistance with this initiative.
  • A meeting is to be scheduled with relevant officers at Court to explain the purpose of the initiative and have the buy-in from the department.
  • To take into consideration the possible low composition of staff within the domestic violence unit at court and if they will be able to manage the influx of cases.
 9 August – 17 November 2023

Geduld Veldsman

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