2024 - Application
to organise an End GBVF 100-Day Challenge

We are glad you are interested in organising a 100-Day Challenge to accelerate progress towards ending gender-based violence and femicide in your communities to accelerate the implementation the National Strategic Plan on Gender-based Violence and Femicide (NSP).  This application is for entry into the Leadership Management – Development programme that aims to build the capacity of 100-Day Challenge Ambassadors to coordinate and facilitate 100-Day Challenges at a locality. 

Programme Detail

Capacity building

The programme aims to build capacity in municipalities, courts, and the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges to organise multi-stakeholder collective action that moves the needle on specific impact and outcome indicators related to the NSP.

Multi-year effort

This is part of a multi-year effort to end gender-based violence and femicide in our country. At the core of this effort is mobilising collective action in communities, using 100-Day Challenges to help turn intentions into impact. This builds on the successful 100-Day Challenges since 2021. 


The programme in 2024 is done in collaboration with our convening partners Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), South African Local Government Association (SALGA), the Justice sector, and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). 

End GBVF Dashboard

The 100-Day Challenges will be fueled and guided by a national dashboard that enables each municipality and community to track its GBVF performance over time and in relation to other municipalities.

To find out more about 100 Day Challenges, click the button below. 

Capacity Building - Development Programme


This is a Leadership Management – Development Programme facilitated by the World of Impact. The programme will target district and regional level personnel from the participating municipalities, TVETs and courts to be trained as Ambassadors. At a local level, Team Coaches to support the Ambassadors and 100-day teams and to assemble baseline data related to the focus area of the 100-Day Challenge. Each Ambassador will work with 3-5 Team Coaches.  


One per region will work with two or more local municipalities, TVET colleges or courts to design and facilitate the 100-Day Challenge workshops. After the initial 100-day Challenge, Ambassadors can continue to organise additional 100-Day Challenges in other local areas with new team coaches. 

Team coaches

Two team coaches per 100-Day Challenge in a local municipality, TVET college or court who will primarily support the 100-Day teams during the implementation period. Team coaches will also support the Ambassador during the workshops.

We suggest the following positions as good candidates for the Leadership Management –  Development Programme:

  • Municipalities – Gender focal person, Public Participation or Special Programmes.
  • TVETs – Student Support Officer/Manager, CSO representatives     
  • Courts – Area court managers, Sub-cluster heads, Chief or Senior Prosecutors, Justice Centre representatives (Legal Aid), and Deputy Directors of Prosecutions for SOCA.

It is important to note that the skills and experience the participants will gain, will enable them to organise and support other collective action efforts in courts and communities, and this will be a valuable career advancement tool.

Programme format

Each cohort of Ambassadors will go through a cycle that includes a 3-month preparation period and a 3,5-month implementation period.  

Preparation period

  • One-month training program for 24 Ambassadors that includes orientation sessions and 3 days of in-person training in April 2024.
  • One month for the Ambassadors to engage local courts to register their participation and recruit team coaches.  This will culminate in Local Leadership Design sessions with participating courts to select 100-Day Challenge focus areas and 100-day team members.
  • One month to build the capacity of the team coaches to support the 100-Day team and to assemble baseline data related to the focus area of the 100-Day Challenge.

Implementation period

Three more events punctuating the implementation period.
  • The Team Lift-off Workshop;
  • Refuelling Workshop; and
  • Landing Workshop. 

The 100-Day team members, selected by local leaders, will participate in these events.  With coaching support, ambassadors and team coaches will use the self-paced online learning platform to prepare before each event.

Time requirements for Ambassadors

The learning journey consists of:

  • Orientation training that includes virtual and face-to-face sessions
  • Online learning, working with study groups and virtual coaching sessions
  • Preparations for workshops, facilitation of workshops and supporting the team during the implementation period.

The time below indicates the total days as a sum of these activities.

Commitment from participating courts


Municipalities, TVETs and courts need to designate district and local level personnel to participate in the 100-Day Challenge learning  programme. The regional participants (Ambassadors) will recruit team coaches from each courts that register to do a 100-Day Challenge. A Memorandum of Agreement must be signed to endorse the Ambassadors’ participation in the programme.


The training of Ambassadors and Team coaches is supported by the Ford Foundation. The Municipalities, TVETs and courts are expected to cover logistic workshop expenses and budget for the work plan developed by the 100-Day Team (+/-R50,000 ). 

TVET are encouraged to align their student support budget to make provision for GBVF related interventions. Municipalities are encouraged to align existing Gender Related budgets for GBVF-related interventions. Courts can request a budget from the “Case flow management budget” through their Regional Court President or Chief Magistrate.


Municipalities, TVETs and Courts participating in the end GBVF 100-Day Challenge programme need to give permission to the programme team to publish stories related to the specific 100-Day Challenges on social media and and other media channels.  Courts are encouraged to use local media channels to create awareness and get support for the teams’ activities

Application Submission


The application must be accompanied by a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to endorse the application. We suggest any two of the following positions to approve the applications. 

  • Municipalities: Mayor | Speaker | Municipal Manager | SALGA Women’s commissioner.
  • TVETs:  Regional Manager | TVET Principle
  • Courts: Regional Court President | Chief Magistrate | Director Legal Services.   

The Ambassador and their direct manager also need to sign a declaration of commitment.  Click the button below to Download the Memorandum of Agreement.

Contact information

For more information, contact the Programme Team 

General enquiries: Info@theworldofimpact.org

Sixolile Ngcobo – Localisation Navigator: Sixolile@theworldofimpact.org 

Complete Online Application

It is expected that the designated Ambassador will complete the application form.

Who endorses the application

Thank you for helping us grow the movement to end GBVF in South Africa.  You will receive an email with further details, within 24 hours.

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