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GBVF 101 e-Learning

Safeguarding Orientation

We are glad you are engaging with this self-help learning course on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide in South Africa.  If it is your first time here, click Enroll (Top right) to access the course.

The purpose of the course is to ensure that as we all participate in or support collective action to address GBVF in South Africa, we have a common understanding of the context, an awareness and sensitivity about the complexity of the topic, and a shared language we can use to communicate with each other in an efficient and clear way. 

You will not become an expert on GBVF after completing this course. We hope though that you will be a step closer towards the aspiration of “causing no harm” as you engage in collective work in the sector. 

The course is organised into 9 lessons.  These include content, exercises, and additional readings. Each lesson is a stand-alone learning module with its own learning objectives. 


The World of Impact team put this course together. We welcome your suggestions and advice on making this as helpful as possible for individuals involved in – or supporting – collective action on GBVF issues. Please email your feedback and suggestions to

 If you close the course and resturn later, you can login on the website and find your saved course detail under “My courses” on the menu at the top of the page or by select the End GBVF Collective logo.

Click on a lesson in the “Landmark content” below to start the learning journey. 


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