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Introduction to 100-Day Challenges

The purpose of the Programme is to help you get ready to participate effectively in 100-Day Challenges. 

The Programme is designed for the 100-Day Challenge Ambassadors and Team Coaches who will guide the process, facilitate the events (workshops), and support other stakeholder groups in 100-Day Challenges. Leaders convening the 100-Day Challenges will get access to some of the Ambassador modules to support the Ambassadors during initial events. 

The introduction has four sections: 

Overview of 100-Day Challenges

Section 1 provides a big picture overview of 100-Day Challenges. What they are, what they are not, and why they are an effective way to move from strategy to action on complex issues and aspirational goals such as ending gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa.

The 100-Day Challenge Journey

Section 2 describes the journey of a 100-Day Challenge. This includes the different stakeholders and the roles they play, and the various workshops (referred to as Landmarks). The Programme is organised to help Ambassadors and Team Coaches prepare for these workshops, facilitate them, and support teams and leaders between workshops. 

Role of Ambassadors & Team Coaches

Section 3 focuses on the overall role of the 100-Day Challenge Ambassadors and Team Coaches, and the general skills and mindset that will contribute to success in the role. More specific guidance and insights about the role are included in each Landmark of the Programme. 

Navigating the Learning Platform

Section 4 explains how the  Landmarks are organised and how to navigate through them, the expectations of Ambassadors and Team Coaches going through the Programme, and the requirements for certification as a 100-day Challenge Ambassador. 

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