Convening a 100-Day Challenge

Requirements and Commitments

We are glad you are interested in organising a 100-Day Challenge to accelerate progress towards ending gender-based violence and femicide. The purpose of this note is to give you more background information on what this will entail. We are also asking you to provide some information about your organisation and the areas of impact you’d like to focus on.

100-Day Challenges

In 2024, we are looking to include up to nighty 100-Day Challenges in the programme in organisations across South Africa.  We’d like to make sure that we have a well-balanced group of organisations in terms of geography, size, interests, and so on. The information you provide will help the Impact and Learning Laboratories select a balanced cohort for the  End GBVF 100-Day Challenges.

This is part of a multi-year effort to end gender-based violence and femicide in our country. At the core of this effort is mobilising collective action in municipalities, court systems, schools, community-based organisations and companies, using 100-Day Challenges to help turn intentions into impact. This builds on the successful End GBVF 100-Day Challenge pilots from 2020 and the pilots supported by the Ford Foundation in 2022 & 2023.  The World of Impact coordinates the programme and build local capacity for implementation.

To find out more about these pilots, click the button below.

A convening organisation is a local-based organisation, network, business, etc., that will host the 100-Day Challenges in their community or local system. This could be a school, civil society organisation, church, court, municipality, etc. Their role involves:

  • Selecting Ambassadors who will be trained by the World of Impact
  • Tracking the progress of the 100-Day Challenge team and providing data on the progress made
  • Facilitating dialogue with relevant stakeholders
  • Continually organising collective action in the local system.

Convening organisations will receive a small block grant as an incentive for hosting the 100-day Challenge.

Only Amplifiers in good standing will qualify to apply as a convening organisation in 2024.


Commitments of Convening Organisations

Two Ambassadors

Designating two personnel in the organisation who will provide process guidance and facilitation support to the 100-Day Challenge team. These “Ambassadors” will be trained by the World of Impact to provide this support, and they will need to prioritise the training they will receive and the support they will provide during a 6 month period the 100-Day Challenge events.

Click the button below for more information onthe attributes we are looking for in Ambassadors and for the time commitments they need to make during this period.  It is important to note that the skills and experience the Ambassadors will gain will enable them to organise and support other collective efforts in the municipality or court, and will be valuable career advancement tools

GBVF Health check

Asking all organisation employees to complete a “GBVF organisational Health Check” survey every quarter. This can be filled out in 20 minutes. The results of this will be fed back to the organisation’s leaders to enable them to gauge where they are compared to other  organisations and to help them prioritise future improvement efforts. Individual, organisational results will ONLY be shared with leaders. Individual results will be aggregated and shared at the provincial and national levels, feeding into a national End GBVF Dashboard. 

Safeguarding orientation (GBVF 101)

Completing a Safeguarding online orientation (GBVF 101) on GBVF practices. Key employees and management team members must complete this 60 min online module before an application will be accepted.

Orientation session

Ensuring that at least two senior managers or leaders participate in an orientation session to get an understanding of the 100-Day Challenge process, the different role-players and how the application process works.

Hosting the team

Hosting a multi-stakeholder team to work on their 100-Day Challenge. This includes hosting Four workshops and 14 team meetings during the 100-Day Challenge. The Ambassadors will be trained to facilitate these events. 

Team support

Organisations that commit some funds and resources towards supporting the teams 100-day plan (developed by their 100-Day Challenge team) will increase the chances of getting selected to organise a 100-Day Challenge. The aim is to provide each 100-day Challenge with a small block grant to help them fund their action plan and workshops.  A portion of this fund will be provided by the programme.

For more information contact

Nomgqibelo Mdlalose  – Justice sector Navigator

Sixolile Ngcobo – Localisation Navigator 

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